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Norman Pianti
12/07/05 05:03
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United Kingdom

#104811 - Any PHDs or Post graduates here ?
Hello 8052 members,

I am currently submitting my MPhil thesis and about to start my PHD, my back ground is in electromechanical engineering, major being MEMS technology. I just wanted to get some feedback from technical forum like this before opting for PHD.

Has any of the member done PHD or Post graduation and if yes in what subjects? I just want to analyse the job prospects from this information. Isn't that PHD makes you over qualified for certain areas of industry?
How do you guys see doing Masters/PHD and then doing something as practical and technical as embedded systems development? Can a higher degree push you for the higher spot in job scenario, like doing a higher technical degree and then sitting at a management position not actually playing with ICs?

I would appreciate any feedbacks.


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Any PHDs or Post graduates here ?      Norman Pianti      12/07/05 05:03      
   PhD, optoelectronics      Jan Waclawek      12/07/05 06:14      
      well..      Norman Pianti      12/07/05 07:14      
         ever been east of Prague?      Jan Waclawek      12/07/05 07:19      
            me too.      Steve M. Taylor      12/07/05 07:57      
   probably the wrong address      Erik Malund      12/07/05 07:40      
      Do the math        Joseph Hebert      12/08/05 11:37      
   How to get a PhD        Mahmood Elnasser      12/08/05 12:26      

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