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Terry Lingle
12/10/05 19:37
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#105046 - sensor
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
it is digital. The reading is stable +-1 count and holds for as long as the cell is loaded. This is a dynamic system as it can take and transmit 2000 readings a second. I hung a 1500 lb load on it overnight and then went in this morning and added a 100 lb load. it read 1600 (no suprise there). Tommorrow I will unload it 100 lbs at a time. Before I do that I will hook a 500 lb cycing load on in addition to the 1600 lbs static load then I will set it to send data samples to my computer at various sample rates and see what the response plots out like. New toys are so much fun to learn.

Some how I missed the trade data handouts when the core sensors that they make load cells from were introduced. As soon as I have time I will google them and learn something Thanks Terry

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