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Steve M. Taylor
12/15/05 15:09
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State College

#105307 - Singing wire
Responding to: Lee D Case's previous message
Lee D Case said:

Measurement of the change in quartz crystal resonance due to strain applied to the directly to the crytal itself. Big advantage would be all digital, no analog electronics involved !!.

Hi Lee,
There are methods of measuring torques in shafts by surface acoustic wave techniques that use similar ideas. There are also "singing wire" load cells, where a feedback loop maintains a suspension wire, carrying a current, in an oscillation, as the wire sits in a magnetic field. The resonant frequency is proportional to the square root of tension. They are exquisitely sensitive, but suprisingly narrow range in our experience.

Force feedback is the best way to go for sensitivity. And you can essentially eliminate parametric variation due to mechnical temperature effects using exotic Nickel alloys like NiSpan C.


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