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Stefaan Coddé
12/16/05 11:52
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#105405 - lumiere
Responding to: George Maccayev's previous message
The first commercial color film was made by the lumiere brothers in France in 1907 but it was Ducas de Hauron that did offer the ideas in his book "Les Couleurs en Photographie" (1869) which described the subtractive methods of colour photography.
The lumiere brothers took a patent on the ideas in 1903 but it took till 1907 before the first color film appeared.
The Autochrome Lumière process was born.

New film processes appeared rather fast after 1907.

Prokudin-Gorskii could not find it better to take 3 simultanious snapshots (in black/white) on glass plate and added red/green and blue filters to show then which leads to a color effect some years ahead (1880)

The oldest photo's that you can find on the net is from around 1905.
Topic should be located under the chat board tho.

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