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Vignesh Prasad
12/17/05 22:22
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#105489 - Displaying full thread
How to see all the replies to a thread at once? Just like what we have in the mailing list? Kalpak had given a link on other thread, which lead to display of all replies, and what I found in the link was, apart from the thread=xxx, it had &PageNumber=1, as this:

I manually entered the page number for some threads, but I could not get the view which I intended.

Craig, can we have a button, which shows the entire thread with its replies?

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Displaying full thread      Vignesh Prasad      12/17/05 22:22      
   That setting is in your "My Account"      Kalpak Dabir      12/18/05 01:23      
      Thank you!      Vignesh Prasad      12/18/05 10:21      

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