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Jan Waclawek
12/22/05 15:33
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#105792 - congratulations!
Responding to: Jon Ledbetter's previous message
My older son is 4 and a half and he enjoys it so much we can't give it up so we keep tell him stories about - well, we don't have exactly Santa Claus here (we sort of celebrate st.Nicholas by giving out small gifts such as friuts etc. into clean(!) boots/shoes on Dec.6th) - here we tell the kids it is the little Jesus bringing the gifts. Also involving him into making up a tree is lots of fun. I am looking forward to make some simple cookies with him in a year or two.

As for getting gifts, well, yes that's pure stress. A bicycle for him this year is the big one.

You probably can't ignore it, so why not trying to enjoy it as much as possible?

Jan Waclawek

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