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Kai Klaas
12/29/05 09:07
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#106169 - Changes nothing
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik said:
then add a footnote "this assumes ideal behaviour of the components"

It still doesn't work, even with ideal components. Grounding of input B will still result in a turn-on of transistor, at least partially!
Also, what a stupid assumption, that inputs can actually be grounded, means connected to exactly 0V. If this circuit is driven by another DTL-modul, then the voltage drop across a turned-on collector emitter junction must be taken into consideration, which can be up to 0.4V, as we know from TTL. So, even with low ohmic germanium or Schottky diodes, this circuit will not work!

Where is the sense to let students perform a test, which is totally absurd? Why not giving them a working DTL-circuit?
So, either the test maker is stupid, or sadistic. I had enough of these idiots in my life...

The best remedy would be to ask the supervisor, whether germanium diodes can be assumed, though. Maybe he can clear the situation then. Give it a try, before you loose everything...


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