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Ian Bell
12/29/05 14:47
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United Kingdom

#106201 - Germanium and Silicon
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Kai Klaas said:
This quiz was given 1987. Do you really think that the use of Germanium diodes is assumed? If it shall refer to DTL, implemented on same chip, then, if a silicon transistor is used, also silicon diodes are to be expected.

AFAIR Texas introduced the 74 series TTL in 1974 and that was definitely silicon. For the next ten years at least, Fairchild still made DTL germanium devices.

So in 1987 when this exam was set silicon was the norm and germanium rarely used. So to that extent I agree it is hard to see how germanium is assumed.

However, many of these schools are well known for teaching an almost identical syllabus for many years, so I would not be surprised if part of it went back to the days of descrete logic made from individual transistors and diodes. I know for a fact that there were many circuits just like this in use when I started in the UK Aerospace industry in 1969. I have seen this very cicuit used in a lesson on logic.

So yes, experience tells me thet are germanium diodes.


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