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Terry Lingle
12/29/05 21:41
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#106216 - cet test
Responding to: Ian Bell's previous message
I have some data sheets from that era.TI Fairchild Motorola all showed that circuit as a valid gate representation. It Probably did not accuratly depict the die mask but IIRC they could and did play with areas,doping levels,and location on the die to set the relative conducting voltage for various junctions of interest. They also controlled the beta of selected devices to produce working gates with the available manufacturing methods. Remember that you could open a chip and see the indevidual device features with good eyes or a magnifying glass.

I had a discussion on the relation between depicted circuits and actual silicon with Bob Pease. He stated that it is really not possible to to accuratly depict the components that are only included to bias the silicon and prevent latch up or destruction in a circuit diagram yet make sense of the actual functioning design.


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