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Vignesh Prasad
01/03/06 02:53
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#106401 - Eagle
Responding to: Farshid Jafari Harandi's previous message
Hi Farshid, I tried Eagle, but I really cant find whether it supports the format or not.

Well, PADS-PCB is the name of the netlist format, just like Eagle's, Protel's, Orcad's formats.

As Joseph has said, you could open the the netlist file in a text editor, and you can instantly understand!

This is how the netlist looks like:

MCU 10 pin header
7409 14 pin DIP
Sckl res1/4w
MOSI res1/4w
MISO res1/4w

*SIGNAL* sclk
MCU.4 7409.2 
*SIGNAL* vcc3
Sckl.1 MOSI.2 
*SIGNAL* gnd
MCU.1 MCU.3 MCU.5 MCU.7 MCU.9 7409.7 
*SIGNAL* mosi
*SIGNAL* miso
MCU.8 7409.5 
*SIGNAL* csn
*SIGNAL* sclk_cc
Sckl.2 7409.3 
7409.6 MOSI.1 
*SIGNAL* vcc
MCU.2 7409.14 7409.1 7409.4 

Eagle may support such a format by ULPs(User Language Programs).

This looks interesting, thanks, I will try.


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