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Andy Neil
01/09/06 18:14
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#106942 - (TurboPower) AsyncPro
I know there's a few others here who use AsyncPro - so I wondered if anyone can help me with this problem (or confirm that it's a limitation/bug of AsyncPro).

I want to stimultate 4 serial devices simultaneously, and monitor their responses:

I open 4 Ports, and have 4 Timer functions, one for each Port.
The timer functions "ping" the ports periodically, and I have 4 Data Packet instances waiting for the responses - again, one per port.
(I also have 4 Terminal instances to watch the "pings" and responses)

This is the problem: only the first Data Packet ever triggers.
I can see that the "pings" are being sent correctly, and the correct responses are being received - it's just that 3 of the Data Packet instances never trigger.

It works fine if I build a single-port version of the application, and just run it 4 times - but this is inconvenient.

The manual mentions having multiple Data Packets on a single port, but says nothing about having multiple ports, each with a single Data Packet.

Any ideas?

Version is 4.06 - I think this was the last version before TurboPower abandoned the product to SourceForge.

I have also posted this on the AsyncPro forum at SourceForge:

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(TurboPower) AsyncPro      Andy Neil      01/09/06 18:14      
   On ?      Steve M. Taylor      01/10/06 03:09      
      C++ Builder 5      Andy Neil      01/10/06 09:00      
         Yup      Steve M. Taylor      01/10/06 14:42      
            but      Andy Neil      01/11/06 01:32      
   Not just me!      Andy Neil      01/10/06 14:17      
   Solved!        Andy Neil      01/11/06 06:49      
   FYI: AsyncPro Support        Andy Neil      01/11/06 06:52      
      Must have been accidental then      Steve M. Taylor      01/11/06 13:22      
         !      Andy Neil      01/11/06 18:00      

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