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Andy Neil
01/11/06 01:32
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#107024 - but
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Steve M. Taylor said:
Whats the betting something in the threading of C++ is bollixed ?

Something like that would've been my first thought - as it was obvious that TurboPower (principally) worked in Delphi.

However this guy seems to be having exactly the same problem - and using Delphi! :-(


But then he was using AsyncPro v4.05 - maybe it was fixed in the 4.06 for Delphi, but not C++ Builder...?

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(TurboPower) AsyncPro      Andy Neil      01/09/06 18:14      
   On ?      Steve M. Taylor      01/10/06 03:09      
      C++ Builder 5      Andy Neil      01/10/06 09:00      
         Yup      Steve M. Taylor      01/10/06 14:42      
            but      Andy Neil      01/11/06 01:32      
   Not just me!      Andy Neil      01/10/06 14:17      
   Solved!        Andy Neil      01/11/06 06:49      
   FYI: AsyncPro Support        Andy Neil      01/11/06 06:52      
      Must have been accidental then      Steve M. Taylor      01/11/06 13:22      
         !      Andy Neil      01/11/06 18:00      

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