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Andy Neil
01/17/06 17:21
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#107669 - City?
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Steve said:
If you were on the same EXCHANGE, it DID work though, since the tones were generated from the same source

Kai Klaas said:
Yes, if you live in the same small city.

To me, the term "city" implies something too large for this to be guaranteed to work.

As Steve says, the key criterion is being on the same Exchange (or "switch").

In fact, it might be possible that a large Exchange would have several - possibly unsynchronised - ringing generators...

The basic fact is that the PSTN gives you absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that the ringing tone heard by the caller is in any way synchronised to the actual ringing of the called phone. Therefore, this project can only ever work by luck - its design is fundamentally flawed!

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