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U Kaz
01/18/06 08:56
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United Kingdom

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Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Steve M. Taylor said:

Thats 480 Watts ! Are you sure ? What regulation do you need ? Or, at 20Amps how many volts can you accept ? At 0 amps, what output do you want ?


Sorry if i did not throw enough information but again its my frist time with power supplies so forgive me for that,

the motor i will be running is 100 Watts but the issue is that motor clamps a "can" using a plate attached to its shaft and when it does so the current goes way to high, approximately 9Amp, and after a minute the motor rotates in reverse direction to let go the "can" ..when motor is unwinding itself the current is too much aproximately 13-15amp for only a second as normal current is 3Amps. That is the reason i have to develop something which can cope with this kind of current.

At 20amps voltage has to be minimum 20VDC.
I think current will be 0amps only when motor is not moving coz motor is underload all the time.

I hope this information is ok to give me some feedback.


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