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Kai Klaas
01/19/06 06:24
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#107792 - Surge current, cooling
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Steve said:
I always over-specify rectifiers, with high transient loads.

The experienced master speaks, U. Over-specifying rectifiers is always a good idea, I do the same.
By the way, the surge current or better inrush current the rectifier has to withstand can easily be estimated from resistance of secondary winding of mains transformer. Then, provide some headroom.

And don't forget to guarantee good cooling. Hot rectifiers cannot handle as high currents as cool ones!
Once I repaired a 1000W stage amp. I found out, that bridge rectifier body was not in proper contact to heatsink...

By the way, a damaged rectifier is very often the cause of failure. This can have to do with bursts and surges arriving from mains. It's a good idea to shunt these spikes arround the rectifier by connecting 10...47nF caps across each rectifier diode.


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