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Old thread has been locked -- no new posts accepted in this thread
Craig Steiner
01/19/06 12:39
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#107838 - Moderation
Responding to: Kevin Timm's previous message
Kevin Timm said:
has anyone seen, on the main message board, that the icons for messages are colored red (indicating new messages) but there aren't new messages there?

I've even seen instances of a red icon and a poster name, but no message from that poster. For example: says that there is one reply from Jez Smith, but when I click the message, there are no replies, just the original message.

It's because Jez's messages are being moderated. Due to him repeatedly posting completely off-topic and inappropriate messages to the forum, his posts are currently being screeened and either Steve or myself must manually authorize his posts before they are made public.

If/when Jez stops posting the offending messages, we'll remove that moderation flag. We were about to do it today but then he just posted another questionable message so we'll be continuing to moderate his messages for the time being.

Craig Steiner

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