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Erik Malund
01/23/06 11:32
  01/23/06 11:33

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Mt Airy, Nc

#108115 - That, in my opinion is quite reasonable.
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Absolutely. It's the same in England - if you want a chip in 1-off quantities, with courier delivery, you should expect to be paying significantly more than a scheduled bulk production order!
That's not specific to Chennai, India, or anywhere else - that's life!


a component I buy in 10.000 cost me $6ea. If you buy one the price is $32.

That, in my opinion is quite reasonable. let us say that the distriubutor pay $5.50 for the part. You want to buy one. First there is the cost of someone taking the order, then there is the cost of someone finding out where in the warehouse the part is, then there is the cost of someone going to the warehouse to pick your part up, then there is the cost of someone packing it, then there is the cost of someone delivering it to shipping.

If you buy one part, the distributor get $25.50 for the above trouble, if you buy 10.000 he get $500 for the very same trouble. As far as effort there is no difference between one and 10.000

Thus it is a total loss for a distributor to sell one part!


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