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Sasha Jevtic
01/23/06 14:52
  01/23/06 14:55

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Barrington, Il

#108131 - Search!
Responding to: Kevin Timm's previous message
Kevin Timm said:
I see a plethora of 221x, 222x, 223x and 224x scopes on ebay.

It would appear that the 221x/222x are 60mhz dual trace, 223x/224x are 100mhz quad trace.

I saw in previous posts that at least a 100mhz scope s/b purchased and, even for the hobbyist, the cost of a 223x isn't out of line.

Some include probes, others do not, but probes only seem to run $10-$20.

Can anyone yea/nay these suggestions or give me other machines to look at?

There was a thread on oscilloscopes out here just under a year ago. I expressed my thoughts on the matter in Scope thoughts, and there are several other good comments in this thread as well.

I don't know much about the scopes you are speaking of since you didn't specify manufacturer/full model numbers. Here are a few general thoughts though. Personally, I wouldn't touch an analog scope these days. For me (working with microcontrollers and programmable logic), there's a lot of value in the advanced triggering and storage capabilities of a digital scope. I like being able to capture a rare transient event, and zoom in. Sometimes I also like to export scope data for plotting. Analog scopes won't do these types of things; I cringe every time I am forced to turn one on.

I would never consider a scope with less than four channels, although I am satisfied with 2 analog channels when there are a number of digital channels present as well (not less than 16).

I have a strong preference for HP/Agilent digital scopes; I find their UI to be very intuitive, which could be because I learned on them; the folks at Agilent are probably smiling in delight as I say this, considering my experience with their products is the result of their donation to my alma mater. I've also used Tektronix digital scopes, and have found them to be satisfactory. From my impression, they're probably a bit better value for the money than their Agilent counterparts.

--Sasha Jevtic

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