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Erik Malund
01/26/06 07:35
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Mt Airy, Nc

#108365 - no, but given them
Responding to: Frank Jin's previous message
I will meet software development manager first and then HR will give me a SOFTWARE test.
sounds like fun, you meet engineering and then HR gives a SW test. I hope HR is not to rate it.

Is there anybody here been through this kind of test before or maybe give some ideas, sample?
no, but given them. I can, of course, not state anything about what purpose the company you interview with has. I can, however say a few things about how I do it.

My purpose with a test (I give the test as a "conversation over a piece of paper") is simply to determine if the applicant has knowledge of engineering or if it is limited to copying, which, unfortunately, is true for more and more new "graduates".

There is no way you can hire a perfect fit, the purpose of the interview is, for me, not to see if there is a fit, but whether a fit is likely within a reasonable time.


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