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Frank Jin
01/26/06 09:57
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#108397 - developed or downloaded
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Do not hold that aginst "them"

I don't want to AGAINST anybody. If I did, I will say sorry.
since I have been holding Software Developer position in a company for couple years. Mainly focus on 68K and 8051 core microprocessor device driver and application development. I am not switching from one field to totally unrelated field. I will almost do the same thing as what I did before if I were hired. The company doesn't list what kind of microcontroller they are using, but the job will be device driver development.

I have seen a resume stating "I developed" and when digging found out the correct phrase would be "I downloaded from the Internet and compiled"

How long did it take to dig out what you wanted? You are a funny guy.


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