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Andy Neil
01/26/06 14:36
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#108432 - Random questions
Responding to: Frank Jin's previous message
Don't just give simple answers - demonstrate that you understand the issues!

I don't guarantee that there are no trick questions - if you think you've spotted one, explain why it's a trick!

What is the difference between a variable definition and a declaration?

Discuss the similarities & differences between arrays & pointers.

Why are GOTOs so widely deprecated?

How many bits in an int?

What is the essential difference between an assembler and a compiler?

What does a Linker do?

What is a reentrant function?

Can you call a 'C' function from Assembler?

Can you call an Assembler function from 'C'

What is an interrupt vector?

What is a side-effect?

What is an atomic operation, and where might they be particularly important?

What is you preferred style for braces & indenting? Discuss why you prefer it in relation to other common styles.

Does style matter?

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