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Neil Kurzman
01/26/06 15:29
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#108439 - CAN anyone Help with J1939

I will be doing a project with "CAN J1939" to a Battery. That is the spec so far.
Searching gives me information overload.

1. CPU I get PIC AVR,'52 with, Philips, Atmel. Any body have any experience with these.
2. What about tools for CAN to PC.
3. The stack I saw a suggestion to buy. Who and how much. Microchip has an one as an appnote, is it worth anything.
4. Do the CANOpen protocols sit on top of J1939 or instead of it.

I have 120 days.


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CAN anyone Help with J1939      Neil Kurzman      01/26/06 15:29      
   Atmel      Steve M. Taylor      01/26/06 15:40      
      Microchip demoboards      Kalpak Dabir      01/27/06 20:20      
         Saw those too.      Neil Kurzman      01/27/06 22:40      
            Source      Steve M. Taylor      01/28/06 04:31      
               CAN peripheral      Kalpak Dabir      01/28/06 05:34      
                  Yes but      Steve M. Taylor      01/28/06 05:37      
               I just skimmed it.      Neil Kurzman      01/28/06 20:49      
   Elektor magazine      Andy Neil      01/26/06 17:22      
   Keil      Andy Neil      01/26/06 17:25      Erik Malund      01/27/06 07:06      
      Been there      Neil Kurzman      01/27/06 09:55      
         1939      Steve M. Taylor      01/27/06 10:28      
            There too      Neil Kurzman      01/27/06 11:00      
               Ah ?      Steve M. Taylor      01/27/06 11:30      
                  going to SILabs      Erik Malund      01/27/06 12:01      
                     Specs      Steve M. Taylor      01/27/06 12:05      
         SILabs and emulator      Erik Malund      01/27/06 10:37      

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