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Manish Gajjaria
01/30/06 20:52
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#108782 - Specifications
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Have you just entirely changed the topic of your post? Have we now abandoned the "8051 total functionality tester", and started a PoS project instead?

Actually i want to achieve the total functionality and create some kind of a working project (not a demo board of sorts !)that is why POS.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "PoS Terminal" given the rest of your description above.

I am basicaly thinking of some kind of a handheld device which can be carried to the markets by the salesmen, wherein they can log in the details of all their transactions/visits (including sales, cas recd, cheques received etc) and one of these devices would be provided to each of the sales people who are on the move.

At the end of the day, when they would return from their respective field vists, they could jusy upload the data from their respective handhelds to the PC, where all the auditing and further processing of data takes place.
So, basically there would be less of paperwork/manual work in the whole process of collecting/uploading data.

Does this sound good ?

Would any other peripherals need to be supported, other than the ones mentioned below :
1. LCD
2, Keypad
3. RTC
4. Stepper Motor

Thanks and Success
Manish Gajjaria

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