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Neil Kurzman
02/02/06 15:54
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#109022 - No
Responding to: Kjell Lofgren's previous message
The first look was Just "Intel Inside". So I thought a Pentium in a Jukebox? Then I saw 11MHz and said hmmmmmmmm?

The Player I had to plug in anyway (It was a Plilips player).

There could be more in there somewhere.

Did not see "Made of steel".
My feeling are fine. I am sure I pass 100 8052 everyday. I just never see:

"Atmel Inside"
"Powered by SiLabs"

8 bitter are usaully shy and quiet.

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Intel Inside        Neil Kurzman      02/01/06 22:21      
   funny!      Kjell Lofgren      02/02/06 06:30      
   Why ?      Jez Smith      02/02/06 11:41      
      Dont know      Kjell Lofgren      02/02/06 13:37      
         No      Neil Kurzman      02/02/06 15:54      
            Atmel inside      Jan Waclawek      02/03/06 06:43      
               Ok Now I have!!!      Neil Kurzman      02/03/06 09:07      
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   college jobs      Jez Smith      02/02/06 13:49      
      Oops!      Kjell Lofgren      02/02/06 14:57      
   what about Phintel inside      Erik Malund      02/03/06 14:27      
      They will want their name first      Kalpak Dabir      02/04/06 03:44      

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