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Ian Bell
02/04/06 09:25
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United Kingdom

#109188 - Old PC and Win98
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Kai Klaas said:
I would highly recommend you to buy a cheap old PC with installed windows98. You will need this PC over and over again, when using it as programmer, because the newer windows operating systems have difficulties with directly accessing the ports. So, an old windows98 PC is always a good tool.

I agree 100%. My brother in law has just purchased a new PC because his old one died. He gave the old one to me and I found the PSU was dead - I got a new more powerfull one for 25GBP. I have a spare hard drive and a win 98 CD and an old monitor and hey presto, in an hour I have a working win 98 PC. Because it has an AMD K6 450 processor is it blindingly fast. Best 25 quid I ever invested.


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