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Neil Kurzman
02/05/06 22:43
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#109260 - Sure
Responding to: Manish Gajjaria's previous message
Project or buisness case?

Symbol, Intermec, Handheld Products sell terminals w/ internal barcode scanners. Add a Zebra Printer and you are done.
There are many others that sell WinCE or Palm devices. Then any can get an IPAQ reference design and some pastic and roll there own terminal. Throw in some software and you are done. The software is the big item. There is a huge market for apps for these terminals.

You Need to find your niche if you want to make and sell some thing. that or market better than your competion.

If you have a specific market and can talior a device to it, you are in. Symbol did not think up the Idea. they bought a terminal company. They are just phasing out the 80186 CPU based terminals after 10 plus years. cost for a color WinCe termianl w/ color 1/4 VGA touch screen,scanner, and 11Mbit radio? $1500US

BTW Symbol sell just scan engines with and without decoders. some of older ones used 8752's to do the decoding.

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