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Erik Malund
02/06/06 14:46
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Mt Airy, Nc

#109343 - I know what 'most extremely' means, why
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Think about what 'most extremely' means...

I know what 'most extremely' means, why would I think about that.

Nevertheless, if I most extremely offend you, should I be surprised to get a bloody nose from you?

As far as "blody noses" I recall an incident from long ago
Freddy: Erik will you play liars dice (aka poker dice) with me?
Erik: no
Freddy: will you?
Erik: no
Freddy: why not?
Erik: Because you cheat

whereupon Freddy grab Erik by the collar
Freddy: I'll beat the shit out of you
Erik, You do that and when I wake up, I'll say Freddy cheats

Freddy shakes his head and leaves.

Blody noses serve no purpose, if you believe in such reactions, you do not believe in free speach.

I believe in free speach as one of the most fundamental rights and if you believe in 'reacting' (blody noses etc) to free speech, you better find a totalitarian state to hide in.


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