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Kjell Lofgren
02/07/06 13:47
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#109447 - Comparators
I use in some designs a very sheap (or is it cheep, one of them says b)comparators: LM2901PWR. I like them because they are rather small, supply up to 36V and open collector make it possible for me to use them as input from 24V system and in my 5V cirquits. BUT in the 5V parts i would like to use something smaller. The open collector is only a problem because the pullup resistors only take critical PCB area.
10-12 single comparators
switch voltage 0.1V to 0.5V depending on design
All comparators use the same reference voltage.
In some designs i need hysteres, in some not.
Total cost is today less than 0.5 USD
Comparator output is connected to a PLD or microcontroller.
switsh level is rather critical (in the % range)
Total switch frequency is less than 500kHz

Any suggestions on a "not expencive" and small solution?


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