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Erik Malund
02/07/06 14:18
  02/07/06 14:24

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Mt Airy, Nc

#109453 - crickets say "cheep"
Responding to: Kjell Lofgren's previous message
I use in some designs a very sheap (or is it cheep, one of them says b)comparators:
Low cost is cheap.

Enough about spelling.

critical PCB area.
10-12 single comparators
switch voltage 0.1V to 0.5V depending on design
All comparators use the same reference voltage.

There are comparators from most analog mfgrs (Maxim, Linear, AD et al) packed 4 to a package. That might be your solution. for instance Maxim has the LMX339 quad comparator selling for $0.49


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