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Erik Malund
02/08/06 06:44
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Mt Airy, Nc

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#109503 - be realistic, guys
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
Some years ago, the '51 derivatives were only available in 40 pin and if you wanted small, there was the PIC.

Thus some, working with things requiring limited resources chose the PIC.

Today, we have "large" PICs and "small" '51 derivatives.

So, if you "grew up" small you will be a PIG lover/expert, if you "grew up" medium you will be a '51 or 68 lover/expert and if you "grew up" big, you will be a pentium lover/expert.

In my opinion the difference is not the chip, but where the expertise is. There is very little "medium size" expertise in the PIC world, which, of course does not mean you can not do a medium project on a medium PIC, just you are more "on your own" than with a '51.

Now for the "small" '51s of today I do believe that "medium" expertise apply better to "small" then the opposite.

Here we do tons of "standard" based on '51 and 486. Some of our customers want an extra function and in these cases we buy a ready made board. In those cases we buy the best fit, not the processor, but the board. So we have Rabbits, and PICs in some of our "specials" with OUR code.

lucky for you all, I got interrupted here


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