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Erik Malund
02/08/06 07:21
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Mt Airy, Nc

#109508 - resume collectors
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Fake job offers
While this is not a gross scam, nevertheless it is a scam. If you scan e.g. Monster you will find several offers for jobs that do not exist. These posting are by agencies that just collect resumees so they can claim to have "thousands of clients"

Another scam is that when you post your electronic/computing resume, you will very likely get a letter "your resume seems a good fit for us" and when you show up you find it is a job as commisioned insurance salesman.

The above is, by no means, "fresh" I have not been seeking a job for >7 years.

a non scam, but very amusing. I replied to a job requiring PLC knowledge in the belief it was "programmable logic chips" (a while ago, one manufacturer - I forget which called PLDs PLCs) and we had a most pleasing interview for a good while till we found out we were talking about two different things. Alas, I got the job and acquired some PLD/ladder knowledge.


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