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Kai Klaas
02/08/06 09:24
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#109521 - It depends on your needs
Responding to: Kjell Lofgren's previous message
Kjell said:
Im not sure of that 4 in 1 takes less space. if you use single chip solutions you can place the component in the signal path.

Yes, but from your specifications (500kHz) it seems that you need decoupling caps with each comparator. And with 4 comparators in one package you can save 3 caps.

Kjell said:
What about using standard logic devices and shange supply voltage to get the desired reference level.

Again your specifications (precision in the %-range) does not allow to use them: Standard logic is fast but unprecise (temperature drift, long-term drift, etc.).

Kjell said:
Or using a anlalog multiplexer to one comparator and use serial comunication.

Again your specifications: If you need 500kHz per comparator, then you would need a n-times faster one, when using it behind a multiplexer of n inputs.

Kjell said:
I was interested in more innovative solutions. Like brainstorming

For this we would need much more details about your application, which you probably will not want to share with us (competitors)?


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