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Abhishek Singh
02/09/06 08:07
  02/09/06 08:08

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#109610 - yes works
Responding to: Prahlad J. Purohit's previous message
dear Prahlad,

That LED conducts only in positive half cycle when input goes sligtly below the ground (-0.5 limited by the diode) voltage at inverting input is less than the voltage at non inverting input and out put goes high. Same way when positive half cycle when input goes litle above the Ground (beyound hystresis + offset) output goes low. Prahlad the ref voltage divider is formed between GND and the VCC so 1.67 V is there while the voltage Divider formerd on the inverting input is between input voltage and Vcc so input is not limited 1.6V but can go up to 10/30*(Vcc-1.6)+ 1.6.


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