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U Kaz
02/09/06 09:17
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United Kingdom

#109617 - Discharging capacitors?
Hello Guys

Few weeks back I asked for help from forum to build a power supply

I did get brilliant responce, as i mentioned in my that thread as well that I have never build a power supply before so instead of building a very high current (24VDC, 15Amp) supply, I started with one having lower rating to get some knowledge (24VDC, 5.5Amps). As I was given different solutions/suggestions in my last thread, I followed them to make a striaght forward supply, which I have, I just have one problem.

I have build a 24VDC power supply using 160VA transformer, 35Amps rectifier, and 2 x 10,000 uF capacitors. I know there are much much better ways of building a proper power supply but for learning I thought this should be OK, the only problem is that when I cut off power (220V) going into the transformer the o/p is still ON for 3-4 seconds. Means power in is off but I still get 24VDC at the output. which i guess is because capactitors are big so they hold the charge for this much time but I want the o/p to go dead asap mains is switched off,

Could someone please suggest how can I solve this problem?

I would really appreciate any assistance.


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