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Kai Klaas
02/09/06 19:46
  02/09/06 19:56

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#109666 - Combine
Responding to: U Kaz's previous message
Kaz said:
Could someone please suggest how can I solve this problem?

The very simplest methode would be to have a resistor permanently connected across storage cap, like this is done in some stage amps and similar, where also big storage caps are used. Unfortunately, much heat is produced, if a fast fall down of potential is wished.
How long may the fall down of potential last? Why is a fast fall down needed at all?

Doing switchings by the help of a relay is a bit troublesome, because contacts can enormously suffer from sparkings.

A good methode would be to combine the turn-off of power supply with the turn-off of motor by additional soft- or hardware: When you want to turn-off the power supply, first turn-off the motor. Then there will be no further current flow and the power supply to motor can be disconnected without sparking.
Turning-off power supply should turn-off both, (a) mains from primary side of transfomer and (b) connection between storage cap and motor. Use two separate relays for this.

By the way, it's not a good idea to always discharge the storage caps, when switching-off the power supply. Keeping the storage caps charged can be advantageous.

Also, do you already need a soft start, when switching the transformer to mains? I guess so.


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