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Jan Waclawek
02/10/06 13:44
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#109749 - Chatboard confuses me
While I remember why was the Forum split by the Webmaster, and I see it did solve a certain problem, I am confused by some topics entered here while I think they should be in the "mainstream". At the moment, I see at least 3 threads here which ARE 8051 related (and a couple in the main forum, which are not).

How many members read only the main forum?

Any thoughts?


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Chatboard confuses me      Jan Waclawek      02/10/06 13:44      
   You want logic?!      Andy Neil      02/10/06 17:51      
   ive got enough trouble understanding      Jez Smith      02/11/06 00:38      
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      To-do list      Craig Steiner      02/13/06 10:30      

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