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Suresh R
02/11/06 04:41
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#109776 - 3A constant current source
Hello Everyone,

The link below shows a 3A constant current source circuit

The circuit is intended to give (0 to 3)A current (with ripples less than 30mV) by tuning the potentiometer(R17)

In the LM338 regulator part i would like to know the following:

What could be the function of BC557 transistor(along with cap c9,c10)in the regulator circuit.

In the Transistor driver circuit,
I would like to know the following:

1)Use of R12 resistor. Is it necessary?
2)What is the effect of the opamp output (at pin 1) due to the use of the 1K(R1) feedback. Kindly tell me how the current and voltage varies at the pin 1 due to the this 1K feed back .


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