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Suresh R
02/11/06 09:45
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#109781 - plating purpose
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:

Don't you mean 30mA ripple?

If it's a constant current source, the output voltage will vary however much is required to keep the current constant - so a voltage ripple spec is pointless??

I got it from a person known to me. It's been built and running. Since i couldn't understand few issues with it i have bought it here, just to analyse what sort of output it gives, that makes it a constant current source. Kindly help me know for the good and bad issues with it and also for suitable changes if any.
I ask this because when i went through the data sheet of LM 338 i could find the regulator designed in a simpler way, compared to the one i have posted here.

The circuit is designed for plating purpose, for which the ripple voltage must be less then 30mV. So that plating is not grainy. The plating time can be varied using a timer that cuts the i/p of regulator when set time elapses.

suggestions please.



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