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Suresh R
02/12/06 09:24
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Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:

Why don't you ask the person you got it from?

He is not to my reach now.
But, since i need to assemble the components in its PCB now,
i though i should know how the circuit really works, for which i posted the doubts i got from it.
one was built earlier and was running.

Neil Kurzman said:

So it is a constant current source with less than 30mv ripple.


Neil Kurzman said:

Then it regulates current and voltage. It would only work with a constant load. Or you you are not sure?

the load is constant.
the current is being set according to the load using potentiometer R17 connected to LM358 i/p.

recalling the details,
suresh said:

The circuit is designed for plating purpose, for which the ripple voltage must be less then 30mV. So that plating is not grainy. The plating time can be varied using a timer that cuts the i/p of regulator when set time elapses.

kai said:

This circuit will never work!

iam interested in knowing the reasons.

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