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Farshid Jafari Harandi
02/15/06 03:41
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#110024 - Answers
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
[qoute]I can understand the gain select and the voltage generator but as the input to the adder is +/- 1 volt why does it need a gain of 10 ? maybe its been a long day and i am missing something.[/qoute]
No, +/-a V is the maximum allowed signal. Please refer to the original topic for more info .

despite not knowing where your problem lies,nice to see a post with enough information to at least see whats going on instead of the usual 'it doesn't work'.

I have to include the enough info ,Otherwise how could I expect others to predict my problem ?

I am just suffering from a bad day dealling with fools who know nothing and don't like it when you point out the fact that they are fools who know nothing.

I just can say Have some beer and make yourself relaxed.

I keep coming back to this one but the inductors look slightly odd I would have said L5 and L6.

What problem do you see ? they are just Ferrite Bead seried with a series resistance !


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