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Farshid Jafari Harandi
02/15/06 04:54
  02/15/06 04:56

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#110026 - Corrections
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Sorry, I was Wrong when I said :
"Farshid" said:
I remember that C6 has been suggested by you.

I should have had confused when you have said :
"Kai" said:
So, just connect the output of a LM741 (or similar) to superimpose the offset. But, again, don't forget the caps to ground.

I just got that when i was rereading what you said in the original thread. There you meant to connect the Caps at the output of 741 and at Inverting Input of AD844, But I thought you meant to add a 100n Cap at Inverting input of the 741 !
So to conclude, based on your last reply ,
- I have to desolder the C6(The 100n Cap at 741's Inverting Input)
- Cut the Direct feedback trace on the PCB (which needs desoldering the SMT 741 :( )
- Place a 10K resistor and a 100n Cap like the Figure 6 of the OP113's Datasheet ?
- And lowering the R8 to 100 Ohm

Thanks Again for your priceless helps ,

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