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Farshid Jafari Harandi
02/15/06 06:56
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#110043 - Time matters !
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Farshid, you are at a point now, where real development begins. Up to now you have thought what could work. Now you must test what does work. This means, that you will probably have to change parts of your circuit and certain components in order to make the circuit to work properly.

I obey ,But if you do remember this project has been asked by my friend to do and he wants it working till maximum Feb 17th (Tomorrow)!. I'll have to somehow make it wokring , maybe even without full range capabaility or alike . This offset shifting ruins everything :(
Could you point out a quick-n-dirty adjustemnet which may help ?

We are feeding an Non-Inverting Op-amp's Inverting input with a -0.17 V offset , so the input signal (which we fed to Non-Inverting Input) should add up with +.17V and multiply by the gain (X10) . This is not happening ! Signal only ampilifies 10 times with no offset. Why?


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