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Farshid Jafari Harandi
02/15/06 08:26
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#110067 - RE : Congrets!!
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
AC or DC setting at scope?

The signal in the first message has been captured in DC coupling . 1:1 has been selected in the Pre-Gain_Division stage.
1:1 has been selected in the Gain_Select stage.

Hey, we are friends, aren't we? Nobody has to obey!

By that , I meant I agree. thanks for your kindness. (Using Obey is just a bad habbit of me)
Heaven, Farshid, that's looks really nice!!!

TO be hunest , When at first I was posting the pictures I was typing some excuses for breakig the ground planes ! Now I am happy that you say theboard is designed good.
I have to mention that I didn't saw any ground niose in the mV range so far !
I tried to do my best and use as much as I learnt about PCB desiging in this forum (mostly by your posts).

The one, that bitscope uses. But this one will show a huge temperature drift.

This would need to desolder the current parts(related to the offset section) and design a new circuit on a vero-board which
may not look nice anymore. I will try the idea of paralleling a higher density Capcitor.


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