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Kai Klaas
02/18/06 06:54
  02/18/06 06:57

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#110269 - There ARE!!
Responding to: Suresh R's previous message
Suresh said:
i went through the Bible (Chapter - Hardware Description) but couldn't find enough description regarding the transient conditions (from logic 1 to 0)in port(1,2,3).

THERE ARE ENOUGH DETAILS, but you must also think a bit!!
Read the chapters "Writing to a Port", "Port Loading and Interfacing" and have a look at figure 5 of this 'bible' chapter:

Think about what happens, if the input inverter skips, when input voltage sinks to less than about 2V. Which pull-up turns-off then? Which pull-up still delivers current? Why does the current flowing out of the port pin decreases from about 650ľA to only about 50ľA?

Supporting questions: What potential needs a PMOS-FET at gate to turn-on? What needs a NMOS-FET?


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