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Kai Klaas
02/22/06 09:13
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#110505 - Using a cap is enough
Responding to: Sun Din's previous message
Sun said:
If the correct resistor values are chosen, the voltage devider will "clap" the output at a voltage lower than the total supply but higher than Vz so that the zener will switch on.

I don't think, that you need this additional resistor, if you have a cap in parallel to the zener. The additional resistor would only consume avoidable supply current.

Let's have an example:
You want to supply a TTL gate drawing 20mA from the supply. Then a current of 20mA + 5mA (at least, to maintain 'regulation') must flow through the upper resistor. So, the upper resistor should be (12V - 5V) / 25mA = 280 Ohm. We take 270 Ohm.
Paralleling a cap of even only 100nF would cause a time constant of 270*100nsec = 27Ásec, which is way enough to allow the zener to settle.

If you additionally take a lower resistor, means one which is in parallel to zener, then some more current is drawn: If we want to limit the voltage to let's say 6V, then you need an upper resistor of 240 Ohm and a lower resistor of 1200 Ohm. Then, 4mA more current is drawn.

By thw way, why don't you take a 7805 for the purpose?


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