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Craig Steiner
02/22/06 15:40
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#110544 - Been there done that
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
Jez Smith said:
Is there a SIMPLE compiler for the 8052? cos I was to write a real time multitasking pre-emptive scheduling operating system with a gui and virtual memory for the 8052.And I want to use it to drive my toatser,ans run it at 12 Mhz and derive a standard serial bit rate from it as well, as well as play doom III and display it on a 1250x1250 vga and it should cost no more than $12.57

Are you kidding? That's all you want? I knocked that out last week. :)

Craig Steiner

PS--Note: Playing Doom III and displaying it on a 1250x1250 VGA requires a non-included peripheral: A Pentium computer + monitor. :)

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