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Jan Waclawek
02/22/06 16:46
  02/22/06 16:49

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#110549 - you don't
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
Basically, you don't copy protect. Mind, FPGAs are mainly used in big and expensive equipment by renowned manufacturers, such as sommunication equipment and military stuff. Protected mainly by lawyers.

But if you want to do it desperately, you need some support from the manufacturer. There are nonvolatile memory based FPGAs available from Actel, there are also some conventional FPGAs with integrated configuration memory (although I would'n bet on it's not a multichip package).

Just a small thingy, I wouldn't call FPGAs a combination of CPLDs, it is rather a collection of very small cells, much smaller than the smallest CPLDs, but a lot of them. The idea came from the standard gate-array, "programmed" by the last (few) metallic layer. CPLDs are descendants of PROMs, rather (PROM->PAL->GAL->CPLD; came from a company called MMI).

Jan Waclawek

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