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Kai Klaas
02/23/06 06:22
  02/23/06 06:24

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#110582 - IOL
Responding to: Suresh R's previous message
Doubt: Does that mean that p1.x could sink 10 mA when kept low.
So, i would like to know what does this IOL = 10mA signify.

The term "IOL" has a very certain meaning in datasheets. It means, that if the output is low, concretely spoken if the NMOS-FET of output stage is turned-on and the PMOS-FET is turned-off, that then a current of up to 10mA is allowed to flow into the output pin, through the NMOS-FET and finally to ground.

This has nothing to do with the current "IIL", that flows, when the port is configuered as input, by writing 1s into the according SFR, and the port then is forced to logic low state by external circuitry.


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