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Suresh R
02/23/06 22:26
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#110645 - IOL = 10mA or 1.6mA? in port 1
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
suresh said:

Doubt: Does that mean that p1.x could sink 10 mA when kept low.
So, i would like to know what does this IOL = 10mA signify.

Kai Klaas said:

The term "IOL" has a very certain meaning in datasheets. It means, that if the output is low, concretely spoken if the NMOS-FET of output stage is turned-on and the PMOS-FET is turned-off, that then a current of up to 10mA is allowed to flow into the output pin, through the NMOS-FET and finally to ground.

But the datasheet also says that IOL = 1.6mA at .45 V max (VOL)
So iam confused of which value of IOL should be taken when the output is low.

i.e., when the output of p1.x = 0 , (made to logic 0 in the SFR of port1)
Then IOL of p1.x = 1.6 mA or 10 mA?
Kindly let me know for any reasons in choosing a particular IOL value out of the two.

Thanking you ,

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