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Sun Din
02/24/06 04:48
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South Africa

#110665 - Sch
Responding to: Sun Din's previous message
Hi all,
I tried uploading my Sch, but I cannot see the link on the users pages window, but maybe try the link below. also plz let me know if you can see my page in the users pages window of this site.

I understand why I should use the cap instead of the resistor to ground.

But, just to clear up how I plan to use this network...........
I am basically using this network as a level shifter, i.e. to drop a signal from 15V to 4.7V. That is why I am not using the 7805.

My 15V input to the network is supplied via an open collector output of an inductive switch. When the switch is on, the transistor switches on supplying 15V to the network.

I have now settled on using just a voltage devider to drop the voltage, and protection is provided by a 6.2V zener in the place of the 4.7V zener. this should clamp any inputs higher than 6.2V to 6.2V.

I thank you all for your time.

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         Thank you all for your help.      Sun Din      02/27/06 08:42      

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